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          The band was formed in 1995 in Opoczno and was previously named MORASS up to September 1998. In August 1998, once the line-up has stabilized the band recorded their first demo "Soulerosion" in Manek Studio in Sanok. The man responsible for production of this recording was Arek " Malta" Malczewski, who is currently collaborating with BEHEMOTH. After the recording the band's name was changed to ETHELYN and under this name the band is active to the present day.

          The demo was very favourably reviewed in official magazines as well as in the underground 'zines, what results in many reviews, gigs and appearance on compilations in Poland such as: "Blood To Come vol. 8" in "THRASH`EM ALL mag.", "BURNING ABYSS 'zine #4", "Keep Polish Underground Alive vol. 2, "Horna comp." and abroad: "European Deathophobia vol. 2" (Earth A.D. Rec.) in Germany, and "Diabolical Serenade", "Along The Sinister Path II"(Mortuary Khage Prod.) in USA.

          Crowning achievement of the promotion is a contract signed in May, 1999 with DAGDY MUSIC for the professional release of cassette version of "Soulerosion" which appeared at the beginning of the year 2000.

          In 2004, in a little changed line-up, the band's debut CD "Traces Into Eternity" was recorded in Mamut Studio in Będzin. This time it was Maciej Mularczyk who was responsible for the production. Despite many favourable reviews, searching for the label lasted quite long enough. In the mean time, in 2006 the band releases the split-CD at its own expense with Nemrod entitled "Hatred Complete", containing four tracks recorded during session in Mamut Studio, including one track in polish language version. Finally, the album was released in 2008 thanks to Brewery Distro.

          At the turn of the 2009 and 2010 the band records second full-lenght CD - "Devilicious" and signed with Psycho Records.

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