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 No Glory To The God

 Dead Water

 No Glory To The God




 No Day After Tomorrow


 Whispers Under The Coffin Lid

 Last Deadly Wound

 Heritage of Puma Punku



 New Aeon Utopia

 Self-made Liberation

 Thunder Striked Twice


 Timetis (instr.)

 Cold Heaven


 Abyssum Abyssus Invocat (instr.)



 Death-shaped Art

 The Confessor

 Farkasember (instr.)

 Pocket Full Of Satan


 Traces Into Eternity

 On The Cross Of Choices (Intro)


 The Beast Inside

 Traces Into Eternity


 Life Abandoned


 Beauty Must Die

 Bitter Song For The Dead



 Funeral In The Rain



 Upwards Over Pain

 In Chains

 Burning Tears



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